Ben Elias is the creator and CEO of benjifreshpresents

There's something unique and exhilarating about film making that everyone  in this industry cannot deny. Every time I get on set to create a world I spent months writing, I'm so focused and invested that I forget about the real one. I've been in the industry for over six years now and the projects and experiences that I've endured throughout the time, keep shaping me into a better film maker. Film making is my passion and there is never a time when I'm not thinking about what to produce next. It sometimes bothers me that I am not out there shooting, but I am also aware that high quality content takes time and a lot of PLANNING. I'm a hard working individual who goes to great lengths to get the job done. My dream is to one day make those blockbuster movies that people will go crazy for, like their doing now.

At Benjifreshpresents we strive to provide the best content possible. We specialize in features, shorts, documentaries, trailers, and series. We are not just dedicated to film alone, we also offer videography and photography services for special events of any kind. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

(828) 226 - 2776

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